In relation to Colleagues we believe:

• In promoting working conditions that foster competence, well-being and self-esteem whilst supporting and assisting each other, both personally and professionally.

• In continuing our education as part of our professional development. We respect and consider the ideas/opinions of our colleagues in relation to curriculum strategies.

• We will utilise workshop and in-service training to further extend our professional development, we will ensure that we are reflecting current best practice as well as refreshing our formal training and expanding our knowledge base.

• In a partnership that continues to challenge and evaluate beliefs, philosophies and practices. We advocate for our young children and their early childhood education and learning.

• In working to promote a cross-cultural and anti-bias approach to learning through the curriculum, and an enriched educational environment.

• Networking with other individuals and professionals within the childcare and other related industries is extremely important. Staff will attend group sessions with other individuals and utilise mentors where possible.

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Features that make us special

There are a number of unique features that distinguish our centre from others in the region.

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