About us

We acknowledge the early years as the most critical stage of a child’s development.

We value the responsibility to do all that we can to optimise a child’s developmental experience and wellbeing here at North Wyong Early Learning and Preschool Centre.

North Wyong Early Learning Centre

Exceptionally qualified and caring Educators

We ensure your child is safe, respected and loved in a high quality, stimulating and a naturally-inspired environment. This is achieved by employing a team of exceptionally qualified and caring educators and providing custom designed facilities based on years of experience in running Preschool and Early Learning Centres.

The heart of our local Community

We implement developmentally appropriate content-rich programs inclusive of literacy, numeracy, science, art, music, language, and physical education. We apply the syllabus in combination of structured and free-choice activities in our purpose-built facilities so that your child can develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.

Fletcher Early Learning Centre
North Wyong Early Learning Centre

Our values & philosophy

We promote a sense of social etiquette, confidence, well-being, and a healthy foundation for learning in your child’s day-to-day life. We practise our core values every day that your child is with us. We also provide our families with thoughtful and meaningful Child Care that makes it easier for them to balance their family and work commitments.

We have fresh, purpose built facilities that have been designed with knowledge gained from years of experience in Child Care. We operate multiple award-winning Child Care Centre’s on the Central Coast NSW.