Experienced care

We pride ourselves on the shared values of our highly-qualified educators and staff.

Our Centre Director, together with the Educational Leader, will guide our staff while working in partnership with our parents/carers. Our experience and track record of multiple award-winning Early Learning and Preschool Centres on the Central Coast NSW, is testament to us being wise through years of early childhood development expertise.

North Wyong Early Learning Centre

We provide children with the best start in life…

Through a caring and optimum development environment. Our team of professionally certified early childhood education specialists are hand-picked based on their specialised qualifications meeting and/or exceeding the National Quality Framework requirements. Here at North Wyong Early Learning Centre, passion is just as important as qualifications and our team culture reflects the integrity of our mission. To provide quality care for every child and a daily curriculum of the highest standard.

Great communicators, keeping you up to date

Our Educators understand that a child’s learning opportunities are deepened when they can relate experiences they have here with us, back to their home environments and this can only be achieved through regular communication with our parents/carers.

Education and care inspired by…

Our curriculum is supported by ideals derived from recognised philosophers including: MONTESSORI, REGGIO EMILIA, FREUD and ERIKSON, FROEBEL and GESSELL. See our programme for more details.

North Wyong Early Learning Centre also provides training and career advancement opportunities.

We have fresh, purpose built facilities that have been designed with knowledge gained from years of experience in Child Care. We operate multiple award-winning Child Care Centre’s on the Central Coast NSW.